AA2A Student Reps

The AA2A Student Rep scheme is a great opportunity for students to gain professional practice experience and contacts before they graduate and provides a valuable addition to their CV. Each of the AA2A host institutions can select two students as AA2A Reps. See more about what Reps were doing last year

What's expected of AA2A Student Reps

  • To upload their profile to the AA2A website (see below)

  • Act as an ambassador for the project, helping us to get the word out to other students about the artists and any talks, exhibitions etc they're involved in

  • Meet with their institution's AA2A artists and write the occasional blog about the AA2A scheme from a student perspective

Benefits and opportunities for AA2A Student Reps

  • Reps get a profile on AA2A's website, which has hundreds of artists and designer-makers regularly uploading and blogging about their projects. They can document their own work alongside the artists. Images can include work in progress, photos of artists working, etc

  • Every year AA2A runs two optional 'Challenges' each with at least one prize, usually a subscription to an art magazine or online publication (worth approx £40). Last year's Challenges included writing a quote for Twitter and completion of an online survey

  • Helping arrange student visits - We will be offering payments of between £35 and £50 to individual Reps who help to arrange student visits to local artists from our 'AA2A Engage' database

  • In consultation with our hosted artists, AA2A will choose a 'Student Rep of the Year" who will have their work profiled nationally on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and be invited to take part in our AA2A Annual Briefing Day for AA2A University staff, with expenses paid by AA2A

NB: In order to qualify for opportunities Reps must have completed their AA2A website profile

Emily Hale, a student at Coventry University 2014-15 explains why she chose to be an AA2A Rep:
"I want to bring greater recognition to the scheme, which is so helpful to artists and students alike. I wanted the chance to communicate with practicing artists and find out more about what it means to be a professional fine artist. I also thought it would be a great chance to make contacts and have a website to use as a platform to showcase my work. AA2A could be vital to students like me in a couple of years when they graduate."

If you are interested in being considered for this role please contact us or your AA2A Coordinator or Administrator at your college or university.