A student guide to AA2A

The AA2A scheme works like a mini residency with four artists or designer-makers given the opportunity to work on their own projects in host institutions around the country. Artists are offered access to facilities and in return they often do talks, demonstrations, exhibit work and blog on AA2A’s website.

AA2A and Employability

When institutions sign up for AA2A, they choose from a range of Employability packages for their students, so you will have free access to: you may also have free access to:
  • 1 hour online introductory talk on self-employment and the digital support available
  • Specialist self-employment seminars
  • a Facebook Self-employment support group for students and graduates

Getting more involved

You will be eligible to apply to become an AA2A artist the year after you graduate from a BA or straight away if you are graduating from an MA or PhD and you have at least one year's experience as a practising artist. For more info see how to apply

There are also opportunities to become an AA2A Student Rep for your institution. Student Reps help us by talking to other students about the artists and can take part in prize challenges and be paid for helping organising visits to the studios of local 'AA2A Engage' artists. If you are interested, contact your AA2A Coordinator, Administrator or contact us at AA2A.

Using the AA2A networking area

The Latest activity page is a great place to start exploring artist's work. You will find links to your university's page, with info on your AA2A Artists, Coordinator, etc. from the College menu If there isn't an artist working in your area of interest at your Uni, you can search by medium e.g. glass or by influences e.g ecology. Artists usually provide email addresses on their page so you can get in touch.

Keep in touch

You can keep in touch and like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram. If you'd like to join our student mailing list, sign up here