AA2A for graduates

Information for graduating students and graduates

If you're in your last year at University or College, you will be eligible to apply for an AA2A placement a year after you finish studying (unless you're completing an MA or PHD and already have a year of professional practice). You can apply to any of the AA2A schemes around the country. For full details about eligibility see how to apply

Here are some of the benefits the scheme can offer:

  • Geographical coverage - there are currently 13 schemes running in England in 2018-19, so even if you move away after graduating its likely there will still be a scheme not too far away. Have a look at the map, to see the colleges running the scheme this year. You can also apply to more than one institution. The list of colleges for each year is finalised in late May.
  • Peer support - each participating institution usually offers places to four artists or makers, so it's a great way to meet other artists, who may have many years of experience and contacts in the local arts scene.
  • Access to specialist facilities - that you may not normally be able to use/afford. Typical supporting facilities available include college workshops, lending libraries, access to lecture programmes, IT equipment, life rooms, etc.
  • Time - each artist/maker is allowed at least 100 hours access, which can used between October and April (some schemes extend these hours and the scheme length)
  • Webpages and promotion - each artist has a webpage on our website to blog and upload: http://aa2a.biz . Many colleges also offer exhibitions as part of their scheme. We also choose an image as Pic of the Week on our Facebook,Twitter and Instagram pages.
  • AA2A 'Graduate' pack available - 'Making it out there', our digital pack aimed at students, graduates and artists will introduce you to the key UK arts organisations. With over 80 embedded links it's designed so you can check out their websites as you read. You can view sample pages and buy it online for £5.95 although its free if you're at an AA2A host institution (use our College listto check)

If you can find the time to talk to an AA2A artist, they have valuable real life experience and can offer advice on life after graduation, e.g. finding a studio, building a website, exhibitions... etc.