Self-employment presentations

Ensure your students get the most from the scheme by booking this introductory talk by AA2A National Director, Daniel-Hawley Lingham and/or invited guests who have experience as a self-employed creative practitioners.

This presentation is a great way to introduce self-emplopyment and give your students the confidence to build a career from their creative practive. It outlines all the employability resources AA2A provides as part of the scheme. Particuarly if the talk is delivered early in the academic year, it can be a valuable opportunity to introduce students to their resident AA2A artists.

“Really useful, clearly presented talk that should be compulsory. I expected to feel intimidated by self-employment but instead I felt motivated and capable!”

“It was an eye opener for me because it widens my choices after I graduate“

"Really, really useful. All of the life stuff is never really talked about at Uni, so the talk helped to clarify everything really well"

Quotes from students attending the in-person talk

In-person presentation (2 hours)

Cost - £250 plus travel (if subscribed to an AA2A package)

An in person lecture significantly increases attendance and allows time to expand on topics such as benefits available to the self-employed, record keeping, tax and NI, and issues around premises such as business rates


Online presentation (60-90 minutes)

Cost - included within an AA2A package

Introducing the AA2A scheme and information about how to go self-employed. The 90 minute session includes additional information about support organisations and time for Q&A