How to apply for the scheme


  • If you wish to be kept informed about future schemes you can add your name to our email list by emailing us at:
  • For more about what to expect from an AA2A placement click here or see our 'FAQs'
  • Institutions interested in hosting a scheme can contact AA2A's National Director, Wendy Mason by email

Application timetable for 2019-20

  • We expect to have between 14 and 20 Unis hosting AA2A schemes next year. We hope this will include all those on our current list which will be fully updated in Aug. All schemes run from October to at least April)
  • Application Packs are ONLY available directly from our host universities and should be available by Aug. Contact AA2A if you haven't received yours by 15th Aug.
  • Application deadlines vary but none are before 1st Sept and most are before the end of Sept.


  • Applicants must not have been engaged in any full, or part time study, which allowed access to workshops to work on their own practice for more than 4 hours a week, at an art college or similar institution in the last year (with an exception for some MA and PhD graduates).
  • MA and PhD students who have one or more year's professional practice can apply to AA2A in the same year that they graduate. AA2A allows institutions to fill one of their four placements in this way.
  • Artists must have their own place of work and be able to work with minimal technical support (unless specific training is offered by the college). It may not be possible for institutions to offer an ongoing work space or storage facilities.
  • Artists who were on AA2A schemes run from 2017 to 2018 or before, can reapply i.e. artists may apply every two years.

Application procedure

  • Contact the host University or College to get an application pack. Meanwhile, if you want to start planning your application, scroll down this page to find out what you'll need
  • If applying to more than one institution, applicants may accept only one place. Applicants may be offered a place and asked to make a decision, before having received an offer from a second institution
  • Relevant staff from the institution and an independent panel member will meet to assess the suitability of the applications
  • Selected artists will be invited to the institution to discuss their proposal with relevant staff and technicians with the aim of negotiating an access agreement which suits both parties
  • Firm offers will be made to those artists whose proposals can be accommodated
  • You may be given a time limit to accept the offer
  • At this point you can apply to AA2A's Artists Support Fund if you are on benefits or a low income

Selection criteria

  • The project aims to ensure that artists are encouraged to take part in the schemes regardless of age, gender, race, nationality or ethnic origin, religion, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, class or educational background
  • The selection of artists will be on the basis of their commitment, need, ability to make best use of the opportunity. Also the suitability of their proposal, their proposals to interact with students and their professionalism as an artist
  • Artists applying for the scheme will be expected to show evidence of at least *one years professional practice (not necessarily as a self employed person) *(see note 1 below)

NB : * exception to selection criteria : If you feel that you have a disability which has impeded your ability to fulfil this criteria, you can ask that this condition be disregarded. You'll only be required to demonstrate that you have sustained a professional attitude and commitment to your work over the same period.

AA2A has five Disability Champion organisations. The Art House, Shape, DASH, Accentuate and Flow help us promote AA2A to their membership and contacts. Although they cannot give information about individual schemes they will be able to tell you of our very real commitment to diversity. They will pass general enquiries through to us or you can contact individual institutions directly. If you have any difficulties contacting institutions please contact the AA2A National team at the email address at the top of the page.

The application form

These are only available from each individual institution as they vary slightly, but all ask for the following information:-

  • Outline any previous experience or knowledge of art college/school environments
  • How you would try to ensure that students benefited from your presence e.g. whether you would feel able to do formal or informal presentations of your work, a technical demonstration, record your project on AA2A's website, etc.
  • Which of the department's facilities / equipment you would want to use
  • Your level of experience using these types of equipment
  • Any preferred days or hours of access? There is an expectation that at least 50 of the 100 hours offered are used, to ensure students benefit from seeing you working
  • Describe the type of work or project you want to use the facilities for
  • Explain how the access will enable you to develop your work
  • Describe any particular aims or outcomes you want to achieve
  • Provide up to 300 words summarising your answers to the three questions above (for your AA2A web profile)
  • Provide a C.V. outlining your professional experience and relevant qualification.
  • Provide the name and address of a referee, who can be contacted if necessary.
  • Send up to 10 images of your work. Also a photograph of yourself which can be displayed, so that students can identify you