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Welcome to our AA2A student’s newsletter.  This year’s AA2A schemes are well underway, meaning that in Colleges and Universities across England there are currently 124 artists and desginer/makers undertaking projects and research. So, whether it benefits you right now or when you’re a practicing artist yourself; it’s worth finding out about.  Read on for general information, news of recent developments and ways for you to get involved.

Project background

AA2A is now in its 13th full year as a national project with 32 colleges across the country taking part.  The scheme works like ‘mini residencies’ with four artists or designer makers working on their own projects in your college usually from October till April. For you, this means that there are practicing artists around, who may be able to give you insight into life after college, the local art scene, a particular material process or a theoretical idea.  It’s hard to define what the average student/artist interaction on the AA2A scheme is. It could be attending talks or exhibitions, following an artist online, assisting an artist to make/exhibit work and there have also been cross-disciplinary student/artist collaborations.  And don't forget you'll be eligible to apply to AA2A the year after you graduate.

'Dotbiz' - the AA2A artists networking site

The AA2A artists networking site (affectionately known as ‘Dotbiz’) is a phenomenal showcase of work being produced on the AA2A scheme.  You can get an in depth and up to date view of artists’ work as the schemes progress.  Day by day, more blogs, image albums and exhibition listings are uploaded onto the site.  Its a great way to research and find out about the artists, both in your college, and around the country.  So, even if there isn’t an artist working in your area of interest at your college (eg. digital animation, textile design) you might find an artist who is at another college.

How to find your AA2A Artists

You may find there's an AA2A notice board in your college where you can find out about the artists - we also put it online.  All colleges & artists have profiles on our networking site, search your college or artists names (if known) on http://aa2a.biz

AA2A Student representatives

This is only the second year we’ve invited students at participating AA2A institutions to become more involved with the scheme so we are delighted to have 18 AA2A Student representatives this year.  AA2A Student reps have profiles on Dotbiz and the same uploading privileges, as artists so they can upload blogs,image albums and exhibitions.  We’ve been very impressed with what the reps have done so far.  Here are some of the highlights from the Student reps posts on Dotbiz, follow the links to read more:

    Charlie Snow - Northumbria University

    “A tutor of mine asked me some time ago where I was on the 'Map of Art and   

    Life'.  Now perhaps, I would say, somewhere further on than the beginning,

    and the end is in the distance.  In the crease perhaps?...”

    Matt Foster - Northumbria University

    Matt visits Tracey Emin’s exhibition...

    Barbara Graham - Wimbledon College of Art

    Artists Meet and Greet...

    Hannah Leighton-Boyce and Roger Bygott - MMU

    (Manchester Metropolitan University)  Exhibiting at MMU’s Link gallery...

Each month we issue an 'AA2A Reps Challenge'.  Student reps get points on completion of the tasks which go towards a prize for the 'Best Rep of the Year'.  Check your Dotbiz ‘college’ page to see if there’s an AA2A student rep at your institution.


You'll find a link to 'vote for this artist' on every artist's page on Dotbiz so you can vote for your favourite AA2A artist of 2012.  Whether you’ve met an artist in your college or saw work you liked online, you can vote.  There’s also a separate vote for the public and students from non-AA2A colleges.  Voting closes at the end of May.

Keep in touch and Pic of the Week’ on Twitter & facebook

Keep up to date and show your support by liking us on facebook or following us on twitter which we update weekly with our ‘Pic of the Week’ (our showcase of work from the AA2A Dotbiz website).  Finally we’d like to wish you all the best with your course and don’t forget to keep in touch with AA2A by joining the mailing list (if you’re not on it already) then maybe we will see you on AA2A some time in the future

Best wishes

Georgia Rodger    AA2A National Administrator       georgia@aa2a.biz

     Students Newsletter

    January 2012

Artists’ images taken from

AA2A’s networking site, ‘Dotbiz’

University of Derby

Loughborough Universityhttp://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/loughboroughhttp://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/amandashapeimage_9_link_0