Hi AA2A Artist

We just wanted to sign off for this year by saying a big thank you for all that you’ve done to make AA2A so successful.  Without the commitment that you bring to the schemes we wouldn’t have a project.

There is some important information below about your Dotbiz webpages, evaluation outcomes and the future of AA2A so please read on…

Dotbiz networking site

We are just about to start registering the new year’s artists on AA2A Dotbiz which means that although all your pages, images and posts will still be there, your mugshot’ and uploads won’t appear on the home page.  There will be more news soon about how you can keep using Dotbiz, either as your main web presence or linked to your website to compliment it with easy to update images and blogs.  We do need to charge £15 a year for this service.  Even if you’re not sure whether you’ll add to the site at the moment, this is a way you could really help us with our fundraising.

New AA2A Artists membership organisation

We want to keep in touch with our artists and be able to pass on information, opportunities and training resources. We are hoping to develop a feeling of a ‘community’ of artists past and present who are happy to be associated with AA2A and may be able to offer advice to help us develop the project in future.  In the hope that we can reach as many of you as possible, membership will be free.  An email inviting you to join will go out in the next few weeks.

Funding and Support

We know the schemes would not succeed without the generosity of artists sharing their knowledge and experience.  Our ethos at AA2A is to provide maximum benefit for artists and keep our organisational costs to a minimum.  The staff time and artists budgets provided by the institutions are already taken into account in our funding applications but we do also need some additional income.  We currently have an appeal to raise of £600 for our first dedicated AA2A computer.  Could you help us reach this target by donating?  Next year we will need to raise £12,000 from a variety of sources as part of our funding agreement with Arts Council England.  

Three things you could do to help:

•  Pay £15 to keep using your AA2A Dotbiz profile

•  Donate to our current appeal and you could even add our funding ‘widget’ to your own site to help us raise money (click ‘Add to site’ on the widget itself).  Let us know if you need help with this.

•  Donate 10% from sales of any work produced on the scheme (40% of you said you might be prepared to do this).  In exchange we will give you extra promotion through our website and social media along with a ‘Thankyou from AA2A’.  You can make a donation through the AA2A website's Donate page or by cheque or bank transfer if you contact us.

Lastly, don’t forget to mention AA2A on your CV’s and credit both AA2A and the Arts Council when you show work done on the scheme (logos available here).  Also, you can help by talking to anyone and everyone who might have any influence, and tell them about AA2A.  As we apply for Arts Council funding annually, we need to raise our profile and get people talking about the value and potential it has for artists and students.


We have just completed all the stages of our evaluation and wanted to let you know that your feedback and comments had been really important in the improvement of individual schemes as well as shaping the overall project for next year.  We give every scheme an individualised list of suggestions for improvements, which is based on what you told us.  We also pass on your messages of thanks to staff members.

Thanks again for your commitment to AA2A.  Wishing you all the best with your future work.  

Keep in touch!

Georgia, Sophie and Wendy (the AA2A team)

The AA2A team

Wendy Mason       AA2A National Director           

Georgia Rodger    AA2A National Coordinator     

Sophie Keegan     AA2A National Administrator   

     Artists Newsletter

          September 2012

Artists’ images taken from

AA2A’s networking site, ‘Dotbiz’ and feature as rolling images on the homepage of AA2A.org

Liverpool Hope University  http://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/liverpoolhopehttp://aa2a.biz/pg/profile/liverpoolhopeshapeimage_1_link_0