Zara Ramsay

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Location: London

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I am multi-disciplinary artist working largely in sculpture which is often brought into installation. I am interested in the relationship between technology, culture and subjectivities, seeing the symbolic as a driver of culture and exploring how collective mythology is embedded in the material world. I seek to highlight the history of this fiction creation alongside the timelessness of human behaviour, navigating attempts of meaning-making within patterns of one’s surroundings. Rupturing the intimate, unconscious exchange between people, objects and their environment also affords a means of highlighting the connection at play between seemingly autonomous bodies, human and non. Ultimately I aim to develop a greater understanding of the world we live in, the reality of how things come to be and our place within this. 

Heavily ideas and research led, physical outcomes are resolved through the process of making and intensive material-technical experimentation. This experimentation is a means of processing oscillations between fascination and concern from my everyday experience of contemporary culture.

The collusion of human/non, nature/culture are continually explored. Concepts of agency, affectivity, value and history are addressed.


Recent research has been exploring the long view to many facets making our modern world. Within this I am interested in the genesis of our contemporary information age, as developed through continual ‘technological’ revolutions across time and how the constants of symbolic thought be that beauty, time or trade (as materially manifested in these technologies), might shed light on the traits defining our humanity. Seeing cultures as formed by our priorotizing and hierarchal organsiation of these social fictions, I also wish to use these technologies as means of investigating the values they speak to, particularly those of our present time. 


Throughout this scheme, I will largely be focusing on developing two new works. The first will be exploring these social mythologies as shared with our early human ancestors, in addition to those particular to our present culture, creating sculptural elements towards an installation. The second, again to be developed sculpturally, is looking at the collusion of nature and culture, specifically drawing on my experience of the ubiquitous building and housing developments in London where by our personal outdoor space now consists of identical, ikea-kitted pocket sized balconies. Additional works addressing ongoing concerns will also be developed. 




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