About me:

I am a visual artist, arts project manager and accidental curator.

Artist Statement

My work draws upon the experience of the audience, exploring how language, codes and the written word is perceived, broken down and deciphered by the viewer. I'm interested in the notion of memories, the cultural psychologies of looking and the differences between socially conditioned learning patterns and biological ones.

My work is driven by repetitive processes using paper as a sculptural medium which combines traditional craft techniques, such as folding, cutting, printing, stitching and weaving to explore the environments of both art and craft.

The work is concerned with the physical acts of looking, reading and listening encouraging viewers to consciously be aware of their surroundings, controlling and manipulating the way things can be seen, read and heard. I follow a socially engaged practice which involves members of the public, to physically interact with the artwork, at various stages of the making and presenting of work.


AA2A Residency Outline

My work incorporates a number of techniques using paper and is drawn from the art and design culture from Japan.  Through cutting, folding and stitching I make sculptural installations and book works out of paper.  I would like to use this opportunity to develop these techniques in new ways that introduce printing and ceramics to the works.

I would also like to bring Book Apothecary to the residency.  Book Apothecary is a travelling museum of artist books, focusing on bringing artist books to new audiences.  I imagine while I would also use this as an additional space to respond to with my own work while on the residency, I would also like to host micro residencies and touring exhibitions for students and fellow artists within the University.

This opportunity will allow me to push my work further and explore print and ceramics within my work.  I would value the opportunity to use the library and lecture programme as a way to continue my research and connect to and be inspired by other artists. 

The idea that bringing Book Apothecary into the residency really excites me and I hope this will mean that I can work alongside other artists and students and form collaborations which is a primary goal, generally within my practice.




Book Apothecary Exhibition

Culture Lab Offsite, Front Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne

13th -15th November

(More details to follow)



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