Wendy Mason

AA2A administrator

Brief description: National Director of AA2A

Location: Sheffield

Email: aa2aproject@icloud.com

Website: http://www.aa2a.org

About me:

I'm the National Director of AA2A.  I'm based in Sheffield and work about 18 hours a week.

I originally trained as a jeweller and silversmith in the 1980's and set up as self employed the day I left college! Increasingly I worked on education and arts development projects including working freelance for several Arts Council regions.

I started working on the idea of allowing artists and designer makers to use art college facilities back in 1994 and set up the current AA2A project 18 years ago.   

As AA2A has grown, I now only have time to make jewellery for friends and family, but watching the AA2A artists create their own work on Dotbiz makes up for it.


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