Vickie Fear

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Location: Plymouth

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Website: http://vickiefear.blogspot.com/

About me:

I enjoy playing with and blurring boundaries between the hidden and the exposed, comfort and discomfort, stillness and movement. Most importantly my research is investigating crossovers in performance and sculpture and at present I am pursuing an expanding enquiry into the line between protection and restraint.

The ideas manifest as human sized sculptures with a hovering familiarity that are not as seemingly representational as the initial encounter might suggest. A closer inspection also reveals the slight movement by and strain upon the performer, who has brought the dormant artwork to life through their interaction with it.

Predominantly using hand finished and machine knitted textiles the sculptures hold an unobtrusive amiability, drawing in viewers and putting them at ease. At odds with this, the internal structure causes irritation to the performer who maintains a vacant expression and overall quietness, interrupted only by involuntary twitching or necessary re-adjusting after a long period of being on display.

Alongside my practice as an artist I also work at Plymouth Arts Centre and am one quarter of Hand in Glove; an artists/curators group which programme events, exhibitions and live art interventions in and around Bristol.



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