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Location: Anglia Ruskin School of Art

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Email: mail@vetagorner.com

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After successfully moving my printmaking studio from London a year ago I have embarked on a large scale printmaking project which will challenge myself as a printmaker and push my practice into a new avenue as I attempt to merge physical printmaking with the impact of digital animation. 


I am currently working on a large number of individual silkscreen printed panels created by interchanging and manipulating a pre-set number of stencils and limited base colour palette. Following the printing stage of the project I am planning to scan and use the material to create an animated sequence. The panels themselves having an appeal of independent prints will form a part of a large scale printmaking installation.


The project has a working title “Rex Solum(king only lat.) / EGOSYSTEM”. I am using an outline of a single human figure throughout the project and exploring variable possibilities within a structured system (in my case: colours/lines/volumes). The work is very much a reflection on the diversity and complexity of our species and information environments that surround, affect and shape us. The processes and methods of printmaking with its inherent multiplications and variations I believe are perfectly suited to the project of this nature.




featured artist-pritmaker: Biscuit Factory, Newcastle from March 4 2016

featured artist @ Byard Gallery, International Artists Show, Cambridge April 28 - May 29 2016

London Original Print fair with Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers May 5-8 2016



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