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Susie Olczak



I am a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art. I moved to Cambridge last year to train to teach English as a foreign language in order to use teaching as a way of supporting my art practice. I have a studio in Cambridge and volunteer at Aid and Abet and Wysing in Cambridge. I am also part of the local arts movement- Cam. I have shown work all over the Uk and in Japan and Finland.

My work and research explores space, light, perspective and form through sculpture, drawing, photography and installation. Predominantly the focus is on how the viewer experiences space. However it is influenced by minimalism, geometry, light, balance and architecture which often become components to each piece.


My work alters, highlights or creates space for the viewer to interact with. I often control the audience in order that they question how they negotiate space and how architecture intrudes on them. The spectator activates the work and becomes a participant.


Throughout this residency I would like to develop my portfolio and to push my work out of my normal comfort zones so that I can really extend my ideas. I will work towards an exhibition or public artwork at the end of the residency. This opportunity would be extremely beneficial for my current practice as since graduating from art school I have been struggling to find access to facilities to produce work therefore by making the most of the facilities I feel sure that I will grow as an artist and that I can inspire and support the students.



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