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My practice involves making site-specific installations for both indoor and outdoor locations and has included working with a wide variety of materials in a diverse range of sites both nationally and internationally.  Drawing is an essential part of my work and includes sketches and diagrams for ideas as well as drawing for its own sake. Recently I have been creating mixed media works which combine drawings with photographs and building sculptural box units that house a tableau of images, found objects and fragments of personal items.

All the works whether they be 2 or 3 dimensional, large or small, specific to location or deeply personal all are carefully crafted, building layer upon layer to produce work that has developed through a process of experimentation and exploration.

I have been on several artist workshops, symposiums and residencies in various countries as well as setting up an artist led project in Liverpool. These experiences have involved sharing thought processes and artistic practises with others, taking risks and embracing new ideas and discussion all of which I expect will continue in the college environment.

In making a series of digital silk screen prints I am intending both to exhibit them and use them in future applications to work abroad.




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