Sumiko Eadon

AA2A artist

Brief description: Japanese visual artist / freelance printmaking tutor based in the East Midlands, UK.

Location: Loughborough

AA2A college:

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Email: sumikoeadon@gmail.com

Website: http://sumikoeadon.tumblr.com

About me:

I have been working mainly with printmaking inspired by space, place and temporality. My recent work has been heavily photographic based, such as photo-etching, CMYK screen printing and photo-plate lithography. I am now motivated to work in more direct way, namely drawing based printmaking such as mono-print etc. My main interest is testing materials and mark-making, colours, and textures that they create and I intend to take this AA2A opportunity to experiment with this and make a new body of work. Such a project requires hours of practice in the print room, and the AA2A scheme will give me the chance and freedom to explore my idea.


It would also be beneficial for me to interact with motivated students, and I also hope my presence will benefit them. It would also be hugely beneficial to me to meet with other artists. I hope to expand and improve my portfolio and career as an artist as a result of this experience.


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