Stevie Davies

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Contemporary Fused Glass Artist, incorporating wrapped wire details both within and around the fused glass elements.

Location: Derbyshire

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Email: info@stevie-davies.co.uk

Telephone: 07884402036

Website: http://www.stevie-davies.co.uk

More artists images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevie-davies/

About me:

Since completing my degree in Contemporary Decorative Crafts, I have spent the last 4 years developing my fused glass practise, specialising on including metals and wire into fused glass sculptures, home accessories and jewellery.  

Construction and manipulation techniques are key to my designs and all work is produced by wrapping various sections of glass with wire, by hand, sometimes hundreds of times.  The process of wrapping wire not only creates decorative designs but also constructs the restrictive grid that forms and shapes a piece through numerous firings. The process of restricting areas, layers and colours and the subsequent textural and tonal effects on a finished piece are an area of continued development. 

My most recent pieces have started the exploration into the various affects and results obtained by continuing the wire wrapping, after the glass firings, using enamelled wire to encase, hold and further restrict.  Adding another layer of texture and colour to finished works.

I feel there is now space for progression into an even more mixed media series.  The AA2A project will enable me the freedom and to experiment and explore a range of equipment and materials to reinforce the design elements in my glass.   Expanding my knowledge and design portfolio for exhibitions and commissions.



Exhibitions 2011

"Hallam members of the Society of Designer Craftsmen" at The Beetroot Tree, 1st - 13th Nov
"Glimmer" at Ferrers Gallery, 7th - 24th Dec


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