Steve Rogers

Previous AA2A artist

Location: St Albans Hertfordshire

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Email: sje_rogers@hotmail.com

Telephone: 07887851309

Website: http://www.pbase.com/stephenrichardrogers

About me:

My work is concerned with the passing of time and the way we experience what we see.  One area of my concern with this is my re-presentation of important artworks from the past to create new links with the present.  This started with my digitally removing figures from old paintings to reveal the extraordinary nature of the original landscapes and backgrounds.  In the case of my swimsuit edition nudes I cut out the figures from their original paintings and reclothed them in fluorescent swimsuits to reveal Manet’s Olympia and Raphael’s Three Graces as everywoman.


I worry about the shape of my work and particularly the rectangular shape that pronounces "this is a work of art" and that is why so many of my works are cut outs.  Another aspect of my work is an interest in groups of living things, supposedly the same, particularly foliage, flocks and shoals.  Such works are seasonal and timed with the arrival of Spring and Summer.


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