Stephen Turner

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Location: Maidstone

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Email: sturner.t1@ucreative.ac.uk

Website: http://www.seafort.org

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About me:

My work has been concerned with aspects of time and the relationship between transience and permanence. It often involves spending long periods in odd, abandoned places, noting changes in the complex relationship between nature and the man-made.


Previous projects are rooted in research which explores these themes, resulting in both permanent objects and impermanent monuments. For ‘Grotta’, a cairn of oyster shells was built on Whitstable beach and then washed back into the sea close to the oyster beds, in recognition of an ancient custom; for ‘Time and Tide’ three thousand clay boats were sailed‚ and then gradually dissolved back into the estuary mud. In a number of other works, river mud and forest debris have charted changes slowly on canvas. These changes were digitally recorded and sit alongside the finished works.


Such concerns are core to my practice, but the use of digital media has been shifting from documentation to take on a more primary creative function. The ‘Seafort Project (2006) & ‘Moonview’ (2008) made explicit use of digital photography and web based art. ‘Vibrio’, six months of research for Safle (Public Art Wales 2008-9) proposed a digital video ATM with memory dispenser for the new Central  Library in Cardiff. A new project with The Solent Centre for Architecture and Design, will provide an opportunity to examine the estuary of the Beaulieu River using digital recording.


Given my interest in charting time and change, an opportunity to develop the use of  digital video feels logical and extremely potent.









From October 2011, I will be working for six months at a residential arts/science centre in the town of Sturovo in Slovakia on the banks of the River Danube, across the Mária Valéria bridge from the Hungarian town of Esztergom. I will be a 'Bridgeguard' and produce a body of work bridging these two different communities. Details can be seen at www.bridgeguard.org (member of ResArtis - Worldwide Network of Artist Residencies)


















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