About me:

I have a degree in Model Making at the Arts University Bournemouth and throughout my time at university I worked in various making industries from architecture to film and animation. Currently I work four days a week for a Design Company as a Model maker, building 1:1 prototypes for aerospace industry. My aim is to be an artist. 

 My practice stems from my curiosity of materials and material culture and I want to communicate my sentimentality surrounding materials to a wider audience. Materials are the core to my practice; they inform my understanding of the world. This has developed a strong interest in how making and how people, who make, think and react to the world. I have become intrigued by the emotional properties of things- how we construct our lives through the objects we own or create and the sentimentality we instil in them. Their subtle ability to mediate a person’s emotions.


I am conceptually interested in materials covert ability to manipulate us, seamlessly blending in to the background. Our reaction to objects and art works is often connected by the choice of materials – but despite materials being the foundation of objects, their emotional role is considerably underplayed. My practice revolves around the deliberate use of materials to subtly direct the viewer’s sentiments.


My current influences include Grayson Perry, Christian Boltanski, Joel Gray, Jonny Briggs and Heatherwick studios.



Through this scheme I hope to develop and experiment with these ideas using their facilities to create a new body of work to exhibit and to mature as an artist and maker.


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