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Spring Term - I am working with Cylindrical forms taken from a pewter tea caddy; folded bowls and cups - some have developed into 'arabesques'.  Embedded letters and text  make strong connections across the pieces.

My focus is porcelain paper clay - using  its strength and fragility to work - literally - with text and narrative.   Fragments and extracts from flimsy airletters  documenting  living and working in the Far East in the 1960's are now embedded in porcelain vessels highlighted with blue underglaze. Clay embedded with  rice and the role of tea are key elements in shaping and decorating these vessels.

Retrospective Blog charts some of this.

Original Profile My professional focus is Cyanotype – an alternative photographic process. I use this process across a range of substrates: papers,[tissue, watercolour, photographic,]  fabrics,  and recently ceramics to explore a variety of  themes through installation, exhibition and commissioned work. These often include layered archival image and text.

Since 2012 I have been exploring its use in conjunction with ceramics, initially exposing images on tissue paper applying them by hand to ceramic plates. In 2013  this process was further developed to create a set of manipulated dining room plates for the exhibition ‘Be our Guest’ at Oriel Davies, Newtown.

In 2015 I was invited by Helfa Gelf and Ruthin Craft Centre to take part in a collaborative residency with ceramicist Sue King to explore the Cyanotype process on bisque ware – exposing directly applied solution out of doors. I also acquired a small kiln that year and I have been using this to develop my own ceramics which I have used in 2 ways: bisque with Cyan solution directly exposed to the sun, and glazed pieces fired with decals.

I want to build on this exploration, investigating bisque exposure using a range of clays and firing decals onto glazed pieces to create larger work than has been possible so far.

I would seek to use this to develop 2 strands of my professional development: one-off ‘exhibition’ artist pieces with cyanotype decal and gold leaf details; the other to offer and wider range of responses to installation work, residencies and site specific commissions using ceramics, text and archival photography.

I am looking forward to working in a creative department where I can explore a medium that is relatively new to me in a collegiate atmosphere which will be stimulating and supportive.

I can also share my skills and experiences as a self-employed free-lance artist.





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