Shirley Stevenson

AA2A artist

Brief description: I work with drawing, painting and printmaking processes.

Location: Chesterfield

AA2A college:

AA2A Year (eg: 2006-07):

Email: shirleystevenson175@gmail.com

Website: https://shirley-stevenson.com

More artists images: https://www.instagram.com/shirleystevenson175/

About me:

I am an artist/ printmaker who focuses on exploring an intuitive response to observed information. Sketchbook studies are translated and transformed through the process of working. My ongoing concerns are shape, space, colour and surface, investigating the edge, the mark and pattern-like qualities through layering. There are strong links between my drawings and prints, both working approaches fostering an element of surprise, the uncertainty of what lies beneath a masked area, of having to respond, react and resolve the image.

During the residency, I would like to extend imagery and ideas emerging from drawings of Seakale at Dungeness by working with printmaking processes. I want to work with multiple blocks and plates, combining processes to create a series of experimental one off prints. My starting point would be collagraph, lino and wood block printing, combined with printing from found surfaces, I want to explore the potential of my drawings more fully with print media.

I am looking forward to working intensively in a printmaking workshop, working alongside students, observing and assimilating different working practises in a new studio setting. I hope to promote the exchange of ideas and printmaking practises by working experimentally in a creative environment.

I hope to use the body of work produced as a platform to exhibiting more widely as a professional artist, following a long career in art education.


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