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My art practice revolves around the idea of therapeutic process. Personal experience is recorded and the element of participation often runs through my work.  Currently my work is concerned with the theme of Motherhood creating personal responses to the daily ups and downs of being a mother; it can be serious or humorous as a reflection of this. The work hopes to capture common feelings and experiences to express some of the aspects of motherhood that can be difficult to voice. The materials and processes used to capture these experiences are varied to link the concept being captured or the speed with which it needs to be recorded.

I adapt and use any type of material I feel relates to the concept of the work I am producing and this enables me to often learn new processes and techniques and keeps me excited by my work by not being confined by the limits of some materials.

During this residency I will be exploring an interrelated theme linked to the maternal line of my family, of dementia. Looking at the impact the disease has had upon those closest to me and the dialogue it creates within a family, from conversations with my grandma, mother and with my daughter and the challenges faced as the disease evolves.  I want to engage others to share how dementia has impacted not only on those suffering but their families and friends that surround them. I want to give an opportunity for people to explore art processes to visualise this impact as part of a therapeutic process but also to help create a discussion and conversation amongst participants to create an arena of support.


As part of this AA2A residency I will explore photographic and printing processes to capture my experiences and to focus on developing processes to share with others to enable them to do the same and culminating in a exhibition of the works produced.


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