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Recently, my work has focused on exploring the concept of dilapidation, wear and tear and alteration through aging.  I would like to continue to develop and investigate this theme.

My aim would be to expand and develop my mixed media approach to creating artwork by combining printmaking with painting, drawing, collage and stitch. I want to experiment with printing on different surfaces, such as fabric, collaged backgrounds as well as different papers. Then I would like to ‘play around’ with altering the printed image by manipulating, distressing, breaking down, repairing, deconstructing and reassembling just to see how far I can move the image on.


I would like to use this opportunity to use the screen printing equipment to increase the scale of my work. I regularly work in small sketchbooks and I would like to enlarge some of my small drawings through screen printing.


I look forward to working alongside other creative people and interacting with fellow artists who are working across a range of disciplines.


I aim to produce a new body of work for exhibiting, but I really value the chance to have the time, space, equipment and resources to create in a free and experimental way, without the pressures of having to work towards a specific outcome.


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