Sarah Tunaley

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Brief description: I am a contemporary design artist working mainly in photography, printmaking, textiles and book-making.

Location: Portsmouth

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Email: sarahtunaley@yahoo.com

Website: http://sarahtunaley.posterous.com/

More artists images: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarahtunaley/

About me:

I take inspiration from the science within nature.  I view the natural world in a way that goes beyond beauty or ugliness by not limiting my observation to that of the human eye.  I look beneath the layers of the obviously visible by using enhanced imagery such as manipulated photographs of the diversity of geology; microscopic images of bacteria; and telescopic cosmological images.  I mix this imagery with my own visual interpretations, and from this I abstract elements of detail, pattern, colour and texture.

My artworks are therefore uniquely my perception of a natural form, a place, or a scientific phenomenon.  Each piece is a personal response to the discontinuity between the real and the perceived, where any preconceived notions we may have regarding the simplicity of nature are brushed aside by the awesome reality of the science within.

I will use this opportunity to develop some sketches and photographs which are suggesting to me using a mix of print techniques - lino-cut or screen-print to create blocks of colour overprinted with drypoint etched details in black. I like to play with scale, and to deconstruct and abstract imagery.  I would like to develop these ideas through further exploration, and be able to practice and perfect my techniques for combining these prints.  Ideally, this would create a body of work to exhibit at the end of the residency. The prints may well evolve into a book edition. 


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