Sarah Waterhouse

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Location: Sheffield

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Email: hello@sarahwaterhouse.co.uk

Telephone: 07511 638110

Website: http://www.sarahwaterhouse.co.uk

About me:

I'm a fabric designer and screen printer based at Yorkshire Artspace studios in Sheffield. I specialise in hand printed sustainable fabrics for interiors and upholstery and also print fabrics for small furniture pieces. I print using traditional hand screen printing methods, organic inks and hemp, linen and organic cotton fabrics. My prints are bold and colourful with a mid century influence.

I am interested in using new and different eco-friendly materials on which to print. This has led me to discussions with Roger Bateman, MA Design lead at Sheffield Hallam University. He is working on a project called Green to Gold, which uses a flax/PLA (or flax/PP) combination fabric produced by Composites Evolution, a Chesterfield based company. The fabric can be heated, pressed and formed to create solid structures. I want to find out if I can both print and dye these different fabrics using environmentally friendly organic inks and natural dyes. I then want to heat, press and form the fabric into products. My first project will be to create a number of waterproof trays for the home.

During my residency at Sheffield Hallam University I want to work mainly in the printmaking facilities but also want to use the cutting and heating tools.


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