Sam Roddick

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Designer Maker

Location: Wirral, NorthWest UK

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Email: samroddick@btopenworld.com

Telephone: 07702256267

About me:

My last full collection was embracing to concept of Wabi Sabi by recognising the simple beauty that time, wear and honest repairs can impart on objects. My work was a form of anthology recording an investigation into mans need to contain and restrict and nature’s inevitable reclaim.

The collection was produced using traditional jeweller’s and textile  techniques and some unusual materials, including shredded money, once so precious and now worthless and builder’s materials including slate, marble and concrete combined with metal in a delicate and balanced way.

Themes of decay and containment will continue to influence my works, as my fascination with these aspects which affect all our lives in so many different ways and can be so destressing from one angle or moment in time but when viewed from an emotional distance are just part of the natural ebb and flo.

My studio is called  Green Magnolia…. Why green magnolia?

The studio looks over aged magnolia trees which for most of the year are either barren branches or varying shades of green but always bear the promise or memory of the fantastic luxurious flowers that signify the end of the dark and dreary winter.

Absolutely fitting for me then is the acceptance of transience, connoting simplicity, freshness and understated elegance, living in the moment, paying attention to what makes life meaningful, learning to be satisfied, to gain clarity on what is essential, stripping away the superfluous and finding beauty in imperfection and profundity in nature and above all to accept the natural cycle of growth, decay and death.


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