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I am interested in art as the best means of communicating uncertainty, unreliability and inconsistency. I am interested that it might be able to reflect our chains of thought and be just as mutable or undecided as the half-ideas and bits of opinion that form them. Making reference to these internal and unofficial narratives doesn’t imply cleaved auto-biography, or suggest any prescient ability; instead it is born of, and pursues, an interest in nagging, familiar modes of thought that are at once vicarious, latent and confused, and which might- as when one misreads a sign or a word- form a new, contradictory truth.

Although the work often touches upon archetypes that are therefore necessarily social, there is no message to be found in it; in fact much of my work is concerned with negotiating ways between, around and out of potential readings; there isn’t certainty enough about my position for me to don the clothes of one camp whilst secretly working for another (...) My work makes use of diverse media, language and means of expression to address ambiguities around agency, personality and motivation.




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