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During the time spent at Teesside University Picciau intends to develop multiple sculptures that will be a continuation of the ‘Junctures Matter’ project. The continuation will begin a bridge between the early drawings in this project into a sculptural dimension.


‘Junctures Matter’ focuses an attention to the materiality of the work itself and invites an inquiry into the doodles.


The starting process for the early drawings began with the making of the paper, paper fibres were blended together indiscriminately from everyday paper items, and then the paper was hand-pressed to release the water from the pulp. From the dried paper Picciau has then created drawings that respond to the very surface of the paper, creating lines that branch out as the ink meanders around the reliefs in the paper. Picciau will be using this period of time mainly with a hot air gun in hand, melting and manipulating the shape of heated plastic and air drying the material into a set shape. The forms will be a reference to the early drawings of the ‘Junctures Matter’ project and will attempt to create a new dimension to the visual doodles both physically and conceptually and furthermore in the same way as the drawings, the sculptures may create the same enigma that leaves space for many open ended revelations.


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