Robert Hardaker

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Brief description: Robert Hardaker is a contemporary performance maker and live artist.

Location: Leicester

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Email: roberthardaker@gmail.com

Website: http://www.roberthardaker.com

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Robert Hardaker is a contemporary performance maker and live artist, based in Leicester, England. Hardaker’s practice aims to recollect a supposed co-existing consciousness and memory aided by the curation of a space and the highlighting of the senses. Through bodily action he forms his own likeness, memories and emotions around himself; the audience is a malleable entity who can choose to become part of this dialogue. They are not forced into experiencing a set of emotions, yet are guided by the artist into singular, fleeting moments of involvement. The body becomes a vessel for intimacy and reaction.


Hardaker graduated from De Montfort University in 2012 with a first class Ba (Hons) degree in Fine art. In the same year he was awarded the Embrace Arts Award for dedication to arts practice and worked with Leeds art gallery to produce work for Grassington Festival Art Trail in response to Richard Hamilton’s Kent State - this work is now part of Leeds Art Gallery’s permanent collection and lending library. In 2013 he performed as part of Roger Horns' "Youth" at the Hepworth Gallery (Wakefield). Hardaker co-ran the Attic Arts Collective and Studios (Leicester) curating various exhibitions and organising the art at Handmade festival 2013-2014. Since 2012 he has been a studio holder at Two Queens (Leicester).


Hardaker's work has featured in various national platforms, including Circuit Festival, Little Wolf Parade and State of Magick/the Magickal State. In late 2014 Hardaker performed at Tempting Failure (Bristol) and SPILL Festival's (Ipswitch) national platform as well as participating in VestandPage’s Fragile Limits 24 hour workshop. In 2015 Hardaker received ACE funding to develop CHANT (cleanse) for showcase at SPILL 2015. He is currently mentored by Zierle and Carter.


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