Robert Enoch

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Robert Enoch will be making sculptural work to be exhibited in churches.

Location: Sculpture and 3D

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Email: robertenoch@hotmail.com

Website: http://photosoffree.blogspot.com/

More artists images: http://photosofthewordlove.blogspot.com/

About me:

Robert Enoch will be using facilities in the sculpture area making various composite projects and experimenting with new techniques and materials – polycaprolactone (PCL) and paper pulp.


“As an idea-driven artist my work utilizes many different mediums and creative approaches. My recent work has a to do with working in harmony with the character and resonance of place, especially church buildings.  I’ve been working with living spaces, architecture and artefacts to materialize something that is there but unseen.  In this sense it’s a work of alchemy. 


At AA2A I want to make composite sculptural works exploring energy, movement and colour that harmoniously intervene in the landscape and architecture. AA2A is an opportunity also for me to make work with durable materials and industrial processes. 


My work is visionary, it’s part of my search for God, for stepping stones along the way to being fully alive, completely free, intuitively wise and inside love. 


Everything I do is a part of a bigger story about choosing hope, choosing love, choosing light.  It’s an art of optimism.  I bring the mystery of aesthetics and the mystery of faith together with the questions of life.  In this I seek unity, consolation and new life.   


I see creativity as a liberated field of endeavour, a discipline of aesthetic exploration, investigation and interpretation, and of active contemplation.  And because creativity is always free, it opens us to a sense of encounter, presence, clues and visions of a greater reality that the art object can help us know.”


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