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I am fascinated by the transient surfaces and textures that appear and disappear and particularly intrigued by objects accompanied by history and transformed by age. I find myself compelled to look beyond the surface of things into the depths and the dark crevices that lay hidden. Exploring and investigating the substance and use of media as a medium is evident in my work. The relationship beween photography both analog and digital along with etching has become a primal language for me to express my ideas and subject matters. I find myself drawn to creating work that is contained by distorted layers as a series of physical plates over-laying one another through the use of 'peepholes' and textured glass. I have concerned myself wirh how one piece of my work correlates to another and furthermore how this form of visual narration is perceived by the viewer. Playing within the boundaries of the physical presence of an object to that of the metaphysical is a subject I have only just began to actulise and explore within my prints and photography.



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