Reena Clare

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Location: Hatfield, St Albans

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Email: reenaclare@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.reenaclare.com

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In the years preceding my studies at the University of Hertfordshire, I have produced works in metal and in printmaking. I find strength in my carving and sculpture and fuel my work. My next love is batik. A tradition of my home country, I explored the pattern, motives, free hand drawings and metal stamp prints extensively. The combination of these two disciplines manifests itself in my own unique style of drawing and design


For this project, I intend to rekindle a relationship with an experiment that I left unfinished in my final degree year. Using slumping and casting techniques, I would like to explore the possibilities of having a hand carved quality pattern on glass. I have been very inspired by various places of worship where various shapes and colours converge to create a space of wonder and calm.


As part of my process, I study these places and read about the reasoning behind its architecture and how it effects people both worshipers and visitors. I will also produce a great number of drawings and paintings that will set groundwork for the final designs.


This AA2A scheme will allow me to make good use of the glass kilns and workshop. The equipment there will allow me to use glass in more ambitious ways. The University environment will also encourage a lot of discussion between students and staff


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