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Brief description: In my AA2A residency at the University of Chester, I plan to use the Art Department to research, and then collate a body of work to create an installation at the end of the programme. My research data will be collected by talking to the students about their own work and their studio working spaces, and by comparing these to their personal domestic spaces at home. As I will never see their domestic spaces, I can use any diagrams and notes we have made to create the final installation, which may turn out to be a fictitious domestic space, an imagined studio space, or simply an exhibit of all the associated paperwork. This is an important development of my practice that explores all aspects of the creative process, of which education is an integral part. During this AA2A I plan to fully research, develop and produce brand new work in an educational institution, along with a limited edition artist book.

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Email: info@rebeccakey.com

Website: http://www.re-title.com/artists/rebecca-key.asp

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Rebecca Key, MFA, has exhibited internationally, and also worked as an art director in the film and television industry.

Key uses the placement of objects to examine the relationship between the artist and the gallery space, exploring the mythology that surrounds the creative process, within the institution, and other specific sites.

"Key creates installations that examine social space. She has previously created an arts administrator’s office 
in a gallery space,a creative inversion that ought to have been too near the knuckle for many." 
-- a-n magazine




Current:  November 2011
Island, Eastern Michigan University Gallery and CAVE Gallery, 
Detroit, USA
Forthcoming: August 2012
ComPeung Residency, Chaing Mai, Thailand 

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