Rebecca Woodcock

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Currently working in ceramic and print

Location: Wolverhampton University

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Email: rebeccawoodcock1971@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 07977588932

Website: http://www.rebeccajwoodcock.co.uk

About me:

As an artist I am exceptionally driven in creating two and three-dimensional art works; the work reflects upon everyday life whilst exploring contemporary concerns with interpersonal relationships that reflect on philosophical and emotional engagement, blending elements of figuration and abstraction that encompass image and ground.  Striving for continual progression that achieve clear goals in my art work, coupled with a keen level of personal reflection, critique and belief in my work.

As a teacher, my personal characteristics in achieving these clear goals are; intense drive fuelled by a concentrated mind and talent, quickly adapting to new working environments, concepts, and systems, with an exceptional ability for working alone and as part of a team to ensure that all goals, targets, and deadlines are met, whilst addressing concerns in a positive and structured and timely manner.



Currently working on two future exhibition: good mother a reflection of wild game in the UK and Pembrokeshire promise with sculptures called the Rebecca Riots from the Welsh riots the 12th century. 


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