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Since 2005 I have been using photography and multimedia practices to produce work that embodies emotion, memory and storytelling. My work pushes beyond the limitations of hung gallery work, instead it investigates the use of photography as installation and how interaction can influence the viewers relationship with the work.

The project I wish to undertake for this residency will explore the issues of authorship and narrative while developing work in relation to the family album and how photography can enable us to decipher relationship dynamics. For the project I will be working with found glass negatives of a Scottish military family from 1902. I will be examining how different development techniques can add tone, mood and emotion to photographic images and how accompanying text can add to or alter the story the images tell.

My aim is to develop a body of work that contributes to the narrative of family photography and the study of the family album. My hope is to develop and digitally manipulate historical images to produce a physical photographic family album that explores the themes of authorship and storytelling.

I believe this residency (which will be my first) will help me to gain a broader prospective to my work and enable me to elevate the work through the use of traditional darkroom photography techniques. I also hope that the Artists Access to Art Colleges programme will give me the confidence to apply for future residencies abroad and to undertake an MFA in the future.


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