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RachelGrettonGlass was established in 2004 and I specialises in kiln formed glass, creating sculptures for private and corporate commissions, artist residencies and create site-specific installations.

It is language, discourse and the process of negotiating meaning and truth, which informs my work. The act of penetrating glass forms with fragments of text is literally and metaphorically an act of vitrification, transforming the everyday speech that passes between us. In rendering these phrases as crystalline forms they are frozen and offered up for more careful consideration.

I view my work an emotional journey and endeavour to define an aspect of self-presence in my pieces, an ambitious challenge but one, which distinguishes my work from the purely decorative kiln glass artists. Text is used as decoration, to both disguise and articulate the glass forms, but it also enables the work to speak of issues beyond the purely aesthetic.

During the AA2A I wish to develop a new body of work reflecting on relationships, communication and the use of language both spoken and unspoken.  I am interested in exploring the use of projection, reflection, light and shadow to echo intense experiences reflecting on personal relationships: the untouchable emotions, celebrating the comfortable silence and expressing the mental chaos.


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