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printmaking, wood, metal, ceramics, plaster, textiles, film, video, sound, digital media, photography, animation, typography, graphics, illustration, painting, drawing


 Hosting AA2A's Enhanced Employability support package for students 

  • 'Making it out there' digital information pack listing support organisations
  • Presentation promoting Self-employment as a career option
  • 'Engage' database of past AA2A artists prepared to host students visits

Location: Plymouth University, Plymouth, PL4 8AA, Plymouth University, Plymouth, PL4 8AA

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Website: http://www.plymouth.ac.uk

More about our institution and our AA2A scheme:

Our AA2A scheme aims to give formal AA2A access from 3rd Oct 2016 to 28th April 2017, with the University offering an extension until 26th May


Peninsula Arts
https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/your-university/peninsula-arts - gallery space and arts programme at Plymouth University
Plymouth Visual Arts Consortium and the British Arts Show 7: http://plymouthbas7.org

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