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Last year I began a project using handmade glass to create digitally produced cyanotype assemblages. The process involves many layers between digital and glass processes. To date I have been making wall-based assemblages of these multi-layered photographs. For AA2A opportunity, I would like to explore this process in three-dimensions and with a greater focus on glass, layering sheet glass and large format images to create spatial illusions as a potential installation. To begin, I will use faceted and bevelled glass to develop cyanotypes, drawing from historical research of cut glass from the local industrial history. I will then photograph those cyanotypes and blow the photos up, laying them out and rephotographing them. I completed an MFA in glass in the USA, and much of my work since has been concerned with understanding light and its effects. Having limited access to glass facilities has recently pushed my work towards digital imagery rather than ending as a finished work in glass. I believe that analogue, hand making processes in glass have a lot to teach us about the potentials of digital processes in image-making, but also vice versa—that glass is crucial in digital technologies and reflecting this back onto glass would be an interesting step for my work. I am keen to highlight the linked nature of craft and technology and provide examples of their influence on each other. Through working in an art school environment that is divided into departments, students will be able to see links and connections between different material processes. Glass has played a central role in the making of images throughout history, but with digital photography it is often a forgotten part of the process. I want to bring the magic of light and image-making via glass processes to the foreground.


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