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Location: University of Northampton

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Website: http://www.paulinewood.com

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The project I want to undertake has the working title of ’14 Stations’ and aims to explore the relationship between printed surfaces and concrete structures while responding to Christian ideas about The Fourteen Stations of the Cross. Access to printmaking facilities such as photo-etching and screen printing will enable me to deepen my practice by allowing for visual investigations that I otherwise would not be able to achieve. Use of electronic tools such as  Photo Shop and workshop equipment such as the laser-cutter are unavailable to me ordinarily. Conversation and exchange of ideas with staff and students in a learning environment is an invaluable resource all of which will help develop my work. By April 2017 I would like to have completed my project ’14 Stations’ and be able to display the work. I aim to make an installation with fourteen concrete floor structures and corresponding wall-based printed elements that a viewer can encounter whilst in a gallery environment. I hope that access to studio facilities will enable to me to experiment and play with process and outcomes for a finished work that might otherwise be unachievable.


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