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Anglo-Hispanic, born 1959. 

I have been a practicing artist since 1982, starting out as a painter, then working through various materials and formats. In 2003 I received a mature student award from the Rootstein Hopkin's Foundation, to do a Masters degree in Creative Technology at the University of Salford, for which I received a distinction. While on this course, I began to use sound for the first time in my art and worked with a nano scientist from the University of Cambridge with cell sounds of viruses and bacteria. I then completed a diploma in sound technology at LCC, University of the Arts, London, also with distinction.

In 2007/08 I attended improvisation workshops with David Toop at LCC, and have performed with his laptop orchestra ‘Unknown Devices’. I am now a member of the London Sound Artists Working Group. I continue with my visceral images based on the inner working of the body, mostly in the form of light box works. My source is my experience of living with Type 1 diabetes and it's complications for most of my life.

Project Statement

My Soundscapes which form part of a collection called 'One minute is not Enough’  aim to recreate a sense of the physicality of being in a particular space through both real, and abstracted or synthesized sound. I work in this way as I think natural recordings do not always reflect our whole memory of our sound environment.

 For the AA2A project I will be spending time in one of the University of Salford’s Anechoic chambers where the walls , ceiling and floor are lined with a sound absorbent material to minimize reflections and echoes, a nearly ‘silent’ room. This experience is invaluable since listening and presence are key to making sound work as well as in improvisation with others.

 The outcome will be a Soundscape reflecting on my experience in the anechoic chamber – the sensory deprivation -  which will be tied in with my time in an isolation room at the Manchester Royal Infirmary. This was far from silent, but it was very distancing aurally, and I experienced the deprivation of other senses.

I will also be building a library of sound recordings in the chamber for manipulation and use in may other future sound works.



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