Nikki Pugh

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: I will be using the AA2A scheme to develop and build objects that house landscape- reactive electronic systems in such a way that they also relate to the human body – either through being worn or being carried. Imagine wearing a wooden yoke across your shoulders that collects GPS data as you walk around the city. Imagine a dowsing rod that detects wi-fi networks. We constantly strive to build our computational systems into smaller and lighter forms, but what does it feel like to instead build them into heavy, wooden objects that must be very deliberately transported?

Location: Birmingham

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Website: http://npugh.co.uk

About me:

I work in the grey areas between and across Art, Science and Technology, instigating enquiry-led processes that are often participatory in nature.

I'm primarily interested in issues around interaction: how we interact with spaces and landscapes; how we interact with each other; and how we interact with objects. Typically I will instigate a starting point and a mechanism to support exploration and criticism.

My practice encompasses locative and digital media, walking, performative actions in public spaces (in turn including pervasive games), installation, physical computing and collaboration.  I rarely work in isolation, preferring instead to work in response to a particular location, context or conversation.

I co-founded BARG (pervasive games network) and fizzPOP (hackspace - creative use of technology) to feed the ecosystem within which I operate, working extensively to establish networks, develop audiences and manage events.

Work is currently being guided by the (evolving) Splacist manifesto.


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