Nicola Lidstone

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Location: Derby

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Website: http://www.nicolalidstone.co.uk

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  • At present I work as a part time designer maker from my shared studio in Derbyshire.I feel at the end of my crafts degree I  had only just started on my journey as a ceramicist and in the past few years have developed my skills practically in handmoulding, firing and drawing . Inspired by folklore, stately homes and the countryside I make pieces by printing my figurative drawings directly onto unfired porcelain using ceramic pigment. I then gently shape the characteristics of the animal through hand-moulding from underneath the clay.The project i will undertake through AA2A  is to further research and  develop this process. I aim to  explore integration of both the ceramic element of my pieces ,and the imagery on them, with another medium . I’m particularly interested in wood or textiles and would like to utilise both digital and traditional techniques.



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