Nicola Moody

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Textile Artist.

Location: Luton

AA2A college:

AA2A Year (eg: 2006-07):

Email: nicolaclaremoody@gmail.com

Website: http://www.nicolamoody.co.uk

About me:

Walking in the countryside is a fundamental part of my practice, creating works of art that are made after the event by referencing the experience. My chosen medium is textiles and increasingly this has become the specific discipline of weaving. It is within the act of weaving and the choices made that relate to scale, materials and techniques that I seek to express elements of the walk that have become more dominant.

 Walking and weaving involve time and travel over different surfaces. Using a floor loom requires my feet repeatedly to step across the treadles. It is the knowledge of what should be done and the subsequent altering of this that I enjoy and seek to exploit in new ways.

 I want to use the AA2A as an opportunity to further explore how imagery can be carried within the cloth. For this the marks, colours and patterns need to be on the yarn before it is held together. The imagery is inherent in the cloth; immersed within the grid structure it can thus be seen from different views. I feel this allows for a greater level of intimacy with the work. It is not simply an image positioned on top of the surface. To do this I intend to explore using screen printing techniques, painting the yarn, Ikat techniques, and the use of the heat press with sublimation dyes. I will use these techniques on the warp and the weft.

 I also want to use this opportunity to further develop my online presence and find appropriate outlets for the display of my work; to be able to engage with other practitioners; and to be part of a dialogue that challenges my ideas and thus generates greater clarity and integrity within my practice.


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