Nicki Dennett

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Brief description: Printmaker / Illustrator

Location: Derby

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Telephone: 07944028880

Website: http://www.nickidennett.co.uk

About me:


The inspiration for my work comes from a love of drawing life around me, capturing fleeting moments of passers-by going about their daily lives and routines. The work evolves through a series of stages transforming rough sketches into distinctive hand made prints with rich velvety tones contrasting with fine drypoint lines. To satisfy my own curiosity I constantly seek information and inspiration by researching subjects and gathering ephemera. I endeavour to create something in which the viewer becomes curious and involved. The plate from which the images are printed are re-used and re-worked in a final voyage of experimentation until each image is finally exhausted. Music, words, mood or even the weather can change the path of a single piece or series of work.

Charlotte Salomon’s ‘Life or Theatre?’ in which the text and pictures are read like a diary, ‘The Diary of Frida Kahlo’ and my training as an illustrator have all played an active role in influencing my work.

It is my intention through this exciting AA2A project is to create a body of work that I have had in mind for some time. My project will flow organically from memories of journeys I have made in the past, may they be long journeys or short ones, good ones or bad ones. How did I make the journey? What do I remember from a journey I made many years ago? Do I remember the colours, the sounds, the smells or the actual places and people? How can I express this in a fluid and expressive way as a print? The whole experience of the AA2A project will be a creative journey itself whilst also giving me the opportunity to interact and network with students and other artists.



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