Necole Schmitz

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Brief description: My practice investigates the space where dissonant ideas meet, the gap between ideas and narratives as experienced in the feeling of an object, place or idea. My work incorporates narrative (text in its loosest sense) and sensorial experience related to ideas surrounding the body, personal mythologies and the complexities of desire. Through materiality I explore how these elements can form the basis for experiencing something familiar in a new way. The medium of my work is diverse and is tied together by orchestrating intimate encounters with the viewer- whether physically or through surrogate objects, environments or narratives.

Location: Chelmsford College

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Email: necoleschmitz@gmail.com

Website: http://www.necoleschmitz.com

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Necole Schmitz recently completed a master’s degree in fine art at Chelsea College of Art in London earning a distinction. She previously studied painting at Boston University and has exhibited widely in both Europe and the United States. Schmitz’s work uses sculpture, installation and performance to explore ideas surrounding interactions between the artist and viewer in the context of the experiential use of space. Schmitz currently lives and works in London.




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