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Distance is a strong theme that runs through my work, the keeping of the world and people at arms length, of watching it all happen somewhere else. I feel that my work is at an interesting point with my practice having developed three main strands – painting, printmaking, and film. 

Filmmaking is a recent development for me. Over the last few years I have made four short works with moving images, each one quite different from the next. A wonderful element of this new part of my practice is working with other people. Whilst this is something I already enjoy as part of printmaking, it is a very different kind of collaboration, with lots of time being spent in airless bunkers staring at screens - this may not sound like much fun but it is.

I don’t have a fixed idea of what I might make during my AA2A scheme at Plymouth University or a clear plan, as this would deny the chance for the people, the facilities, and location of the university to influence what I do. I have made one rule for myself – I will not make work at the university that I could make in my studio. This means that I will only work in ways I have never been able to before.

A new environment with all the fresh stimuli that it brings in terms of encounters with students, staff, other people’s work, as well as the excitement of being in a new place will allow me a different kind of opportunity to develop new work. I hope to complete a small body of work to show in the Picture Room at Newlyn Art gallery from June - September 2018. I am excited that I have no idea what that work will look like or what medium it will be realised in.


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