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Email: nancyjclemance@googlemail.com

Telephone: 07725 882741

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Accepting an invitation to provide print works for Absence & Presence: ‘A Printmaking Response to the bombing of Al Mutanabbi Street on 5th March 2007’ is my starting point for a period of experimentation which will aim to work with both printmaking and fashion resources, with the value of library based research to support my creative enquiries.

 As my performative practice has grown out of my curatorial work with the public, I hope to add a performative facet to the print and textile by engaging with students, discussing the focus of Absence & Presence with them, and being inspired by those interactions to develop a live piece of art which will incorporate printmaking, textiles and my self.

My past performative practice has involved making works, curating and performing as a curator:

  • Walker Evans at Axen Farm, Symondsbury 2010
  • We Can ReBuild Her, Lyme Regis,  2011
  • Hutliving Here & There, Bridport, 2012
  • Null Hypothesis with Dr Mark Ellis at Tempting Failure, Bristol 2013

During a residency at Double Elephant Print Studios 2013, I produced and performed the printing of six screenprints, white ink on white paper by pulling each text based print ten times. I printed and performed the printing while enduring two serious shoulder injuries. The resulting work ¾ is my current focus for developing a performative work which will be honed at a residency at the Marine Theatre, Lyme Regis in 2014, and exhibited and performed at a venue to be decided. It may become a part of the work I develop I develop at the University of Central Lancashire. I also have a 4 year yoga practice which now informs my performative work, and this too will play a part in my residency and engagements with students.



I've been selected by Visual Arts South West to attend an Arvon course on Critical Writing for Contemporary Art, Cornwall, January 2014.


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