Mike Fryer

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: A painter of landscapes and abstracts (plus anything else that interests me) and a printmaker.

Location: Canterbury

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Email: mike@mikefryer.co.uk

Telephone: 01474 704961 or 07798907981

Website: http://www.mikefryer.co.uk

More artists images: http://www.seos-art.org/artists/mikefryer

About me:

Over the past years I have been developing my ideas of landscape painting using heightened colour, a flattened aerial perspective and using elements of abstraction. But I wish to develop further and see this project as an important opportunity to undertake experimental work in perspective. I want to develop my work so that the viewer can more closely have the experience of being 'enveloped' by the painting rather than seeing the painting as a kind of window to look through.

Single or multi-point linear perspective has come to be accepted as normative practice by many painters in landscape, interior and still life genres. Yet linear perspective does not accurately represent what we see; it is monocular, static and at acute angles produce distortions. In addition the picture may only properly be seen from a single, fixed viewpoint, something that is rarely considered in exhibitions. But is there a way to represent the world pictorially using a method other than linear perspective?


Beginning with a research base in the library and through discussion with staff and students I want to study the historical development of perspectival methodologies and to understand its criticisms. I then aim to model curved perspective and perceptual ideas using 3-D software; grids and landscapes will be projected onto curved surfaces. The project will culminate in the practical application of the new ideas by producing new paintings.


As a painter I work in isolation and do not have access to an academic library. Hence I am severely limited in ways to undertake such a study. Interaction with staff and students will challenge my ideas and hopefully get me out of any unhelpful ruts or 'comfort zones'! Therefore, AA2A will allow me time to think, to discuss, to experiment, to find new directions and to produce new work. 




Coming soon! South East Open Studios, I am open 11 – 21 June, see website for dates and time (www.mikefryer.co.uk).

Opening of new gallery showing my work: The Shape Arts Gallery, 91/92 The Street, Westfield Stratford City Shopping Centre, Olympic Park, E20 1EJ. There is an openng event on Wednesday 21 May, 2014 at 6–9 pm.



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