Melissa Murray

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Location: Anglia Ruskin University

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Email: mp_murray@hotmail.com

Website: https://melissapmurray.wordpress.com

About me:

I use a tactile engagement with materials to explore boundaries between interior and exterior worlds, juxtaposing an emotional response against intellectually and culturally constructed narratives.

I am currently developing Danger, a four-part series of studio and environmental installations exploring the precarious resilience I see in how humans relate to physical environments and to each other around the globe. Each part -Stasis, Shift, Power, Collapse- takes a distinct location as a starting point, and focuses on different materials and interactions. Stasis takes inspiration from volcanic and glacial forces in Iceland in transient sculptures of ice, steel and glass. Working with clay and wood, Shift considers China, and human traces imprinted on the land. Power turns to Istanbul, the encounters and negotiations at a strategic location between people and cultures, while Collapse is conceptually located in the desert of Los Alamos, questioning the possibilities and responsibility inherent in scientific discovery.

 With this placement I will continue to work on Danger, focusing in particular on the woodworking and metalworking facilities to fabricate elements for Shift and Power

One of the current objectives of my practice is to to encourage a flow of dialogue between artist, audiences, materials and ideas by creating participative installations. I will invite students to participate in this consideration of where the artwork lies: in the words, objects, photographic traces, performances, or interactions. For example, for Shift I am creating an assortment of hollow ceramic boulders and carved beams, and I would like to work with a group of students to create arrangements of these in various interior and exterior environments, documenting their dispersal from initial locations.


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