Maxine Greer

Previous AA2A artist

Brief description: Drawing, Installations, Print and daft stop motion. Lover of zines

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Email: kombisketchtour@gmail.com

Website: http://www.kombisketchtour.com

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Working out in the countryside, making regular pitstops in a camper van mobile studio, I draw and record the changes in nature throughout the year.  I am researching the role of field margins and waste land, studying the flora within and around these ruderal spaces and their impact on biodiversity.

I create installations, short animations and products.  These have principally been manufactured in my studio and I am excited by the opportunity of introducing new production techniques to my work.

I plan to set four six-week project briefs to take the subject matter through different processes available as part of the AA2A at DMU; processes that are not readily available to me outside of DMU.

Initially I will use the observational drawings gathered as a starting point. I am interested in how each process will influence the outcome.  To work in an educational environment will encourage discussion around the work created and promote other perspectives which can be less available when working in isolation. AA2A would be an excellent way to experience the mutual benefit which comes from regular contact with students both on a structured and an ad hoc basis. I look forward to being part of an artistic community and building new connections.



'Field Margin studies' on show at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of 'Threads' - contemporary textiles exhibition. show ends 12th November 2016

Open Studio Event- 11th- 13th November 2016 - details to follow

Galerie Handwerk, Munich- November 2016

Yarrow Gallery: March 2017 - Exhibition opportunity- contact me for details.


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